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Domestic Hot Water

DHW heating – a convenient way to save energy!

Today, we take hot water for granted. High comfort levels, exceptional quality, efficient appliances and tailored solutions are all available from STIEBEL ELTRON. Electric DHW heating with short pipe runs and using green energy is more environmentally responsible and ensures an excellent eco-balance.

DHW heating comes in two varieties: central and decentralised. With central DHW heating, good efficiency levels are frequently cancelled out by long supply lines. This disadvantage is systematic. Decentralised DHW solutions, on the other hand, have the benefit of keeping line and standby losses to an absolute minimum.

Room Heating

Electric heaters offer considerable savings potential!

Heating comfort is a good thing – but only if that heat is not wasted. Considering that you only spend a limited amount of time in the bathroom in the morning and evening, you don’t need to provide cosy warmth in there all day long. Unfortunately, in some central heating systems, heat can only be regulated in terms of time and area to a limited degree. This is where electric heaters come into their own.

heat pump inside installation

They can be sited practically anywhere, which means that they can provide heat exactly where required. And as heat is generated where you need it, there is no lengthy pipe run from the boiler room. Low initial outlay is a further key advantage – since an electric heater makes do without building pipework, radiators and chimney, the costs of appliance and installation remain low. Furthermore, operation is almost maintenance-free. They are therefore certainly a serious alternative for booster heating.

Solar Water heaters

Sunpad Solar Water Heater

World's most revolutionary Solar water heater!

SUNPAD turns the solar world upside down. Inspired by nature, we have developed this revolutionary new solar heater for hot water. SUNPAD is less expensive and more userfriendly, innovative and aesthetically pleasing than any previous heater system on the planet.
With its groundbreaking technology and an unbeatable price-performance ratio SUNPAD eclipses the competition.

The shapely exterior housing, which resembles that of an iPad, consists of expanded polypropylene foam (EPP). Due to the excellent insulation effect, it prevents the cooling of the heat transfer tank. Simultaneously, it also adopts the holding function for the cover insulation which is UV resistant and for the solar safety glass.

The 150-liter steel tank is welded by using state-of-the-art laser technology. The tank is operated without pressure. SUNPAD protection liquid has been already filled in the tank when the system is delivered. This special liquid prevents the formation from rust and ensures a long lifetime of the system. The surface of the tank is coated with solar paint and offers an external corrosion protection.

The heat exchanger in the tank is a ribbed corrugated pipe made of high-grade stainless steel. Precisely dimensioned in diameter and length ensuring the heat exchanger provides optimal heat transfer.

To protect the tank from external weather influences, it is covered with a antireflex safety glass. This glass, with an extremely high energy transmission, ensures that as much solar energy as possible is transferred to the heat transfer medium. Additionally, there is a UV resistant cover insulation in between, which is made of polycarbonate with insulating bars to keep the heat in the tank.

Pool Heating

Heating technology for renewables!

Heat pumps utilize energy that is always present in the air, water and the ground, and convert it into heat for your home. Not only that: combined with a DHW cylinder, this method of heating can also provide you with domestic hot water. By choosing a heat pump from technological leader STIEBEL ELTRON, you benefit from the expertise and quality gained from over 40 years’ of experience. State of the art technology for outstanding efficiency. One part of electricity converts to five parts of useful heat

Pool heating with heat pumps, stand alone or combined with under floor heating or DHW. 

Implementation can be done for small domestic swimming pools up to large public or school swimming pools.